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Definition of carry


  • being carried is a type of sarcasm. For example, if you continue to talk, and someone noticeably and purposely ignores you to make you look stupid, you were carried. Origin: Northern Virginia, DC Area.
    He carried you.

    Last edited on Oct 20 1999. Submitted by Tia W. from Charlottesville, VA, USA on Oct 20 1999.

  • to play, clown.

    Last edited on Mar 30 2004. Submitted by jgarofalo on Mar 30 2004.

  • handle, act.
    Why you got to carry it like that? Don't be so angry.
    Why you carry things so jealous when your girl goes to the club?

    Last edited on Dec 07 2004. Submitted by James E. from Richmond, VA, USA on Dec 07 2004.

verb - ambitransitive

  • to be in possession of illegal drugs.
    Hey man, you carrying tonight?
    What you carrying tonight?

    Last edited on Apr 07 2013. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA on Sep 02 2009.

verb - transitive

  • to insult.
    I tried to pick up that girl but she carried me.
    She carried the mess out of him.

    Last edited on Jul 29 2011. Submitted by Asia W. from Washington, DC, USA on Feb 01 2003.

  • to embarrass or humiliate, to lower dignity of.
    He got carried in front of everyone.

    Last edited on Nov 03 2004. Submitted by Teri B. from Suitland-Silver Hill, MD, USA on Nov 03 2004.

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