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Definition of cheese-dick


  • a stupid idiot, and a little bit of a wimp.
    Hey Cheese Dick.

    Last edited on Aug 01 2005. Submitted by Dan P. from La Porte, IN, USA on Aug 01 2005.

  • Matthew Dean
    Somebody who is constantly choking on balls.

    Last edited on Jan 22 2021. Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 22 2021.


  • Someone, usually male, exhibiting poor knowledge of even the most basic fashion concepts
    He looks like such a cheese-dick wearing sandals, socks and shorts at the same time.

    Last edited on May 04 2006. Submitted by Nellie from Denver, CO, USA on May 04 2006.

  • Someone failing to grasp the fundamentals of athletic coordination.
    Stop skiing like a cheese-dick and get your ass down the mountain.

    Last edited on May 04 2006. Submitted by Nellie from Denver, CO, USA on May 04 2006.

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