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Definition of chief


  • sarcastic term for someone who thinks they have superiority over you but does not.
    Nice job chief.

    Last edited on Aug 06 2013. Submitted by Evan L. from Iowa, USA on Nov 28 2001.

  • to smoke, usually marijuana. Derived from the idea that when Native American tribesman smoked the peace pipe, the Chief was the orchestrator of the activity.
    If y'all wanna get high you best come over here and chief wit me.

    Last edited on Aug 06 2013. Submitted by Piezo C. from Minneapolis, MN, USA on May 21 2002.

  • marijuana cigarette, joint. From "peace pipe" used by natives and their leader (chief).
    Got a chief, man?
    • See more words with the same meaning: marijuana.

    Last edited on Jul 26 2002. Submitted by Travis W. from Edmonton, AB, Canada on Jul 26 2002.

  • To take a singular hit of marijuana; one such hit.
    You're only supposed to chief that a couple times, man, save some for us. ; Take a chief of this.

    Last edited on Oct 31 2002. Submitted by Robert C. from Mobile, AL, USA on Oct 31 2002.

  • to smoke- origin US northwest.
    Let's hide under that big tree and chief a bowl.

    Last edited on Feb 12 2003. Submitted by andrea from Seattle, WA, USA on Feb 12 2003.

  • to smoke; usually marijuana

    Last edited on May 20 2004. Submitted by Leonard R. from Saint Petersburg, FL, USA on May 20 2004.

noun - uncountable

  • term of address used for a male when you don't his name; "man"; "dude".
    Hey chief, could I get a pack of Camel Lights?

    Last edited on Mar 20 2011. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA on Aug 26 2009.


  • to drink quickly, or in one go
    Chief that beer, we've got to leave.

    Last edited on Jun 17 2003. Submitted by Dylan H. from Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK on Jun 17 2003.

verb - intransitive

  • to smoke marijuana.
    Are we going to be cheefin?

    Last edited on Mar 20 2011. Submitted by slic from Kennesaw, GA, USA on Aug 28 2002.

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