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Definition of Clampetty



  • Very much resembling the Clampett family featured in the Beverly hillbillies.Adjective. Used to describe a person who is excessively backwoods.

    Synonyms would be hillbilly, country bumpkin, hobo, etc
    Richard felt rather Clampetty as he had sex with his first cousin.
    You got to be pretty Clampetty to have a toilet and a sofa in your front lawn.
    Clem looked very Clampetty as he sat there in his overalls, sipping from a can of Hamm's beer.
    Hell no you can't park your pick up truck on our front lawn! We are not going to be the Clampetty house on this block!

    Last edited on May 21 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on May 20 2016.

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