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Definition of collar

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Other terms relating to 'to arrest':

Definitions include: to use Ecstasy (MDMA).
Definitions include: to arrest.
Definitions include: to get pulled over by the cops; could also mean getting arrested.
Definitions include: to lie to; deceive.
Definitions include: soda; soft drink.
Definitions include: to arrest.
Definitions include: an event with a displeasing outcome.
Definitions include: to arrest.
Definitions include: to steal.
Definitions include: to have sex with.
Definitions include: An acronym has been invented for the term, but long after the term entered use: "Beautiful Intellectuals That Cause Hard-ons."

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Other terms relating to 'collar':

Definitions include: crime against a criminal who is in the act of breaking the law.
Definitions include: pertaining to unskilled or manual labor.
Definitions include: a job requiring unskilled or manual labor.
Definitions include: to become hot under the collar (i.e. angry.)
Definitions include: pertaining to jobs between the unskilled/manual labor of blue-collar and the office labor of white-collar.
Definitions include: pertaining to environmentally-friendly jobs.
Definitions include: angry.
Definitions include: adj., refined, smooth, suave; having the quality of sophistication and grace.
Definitions include: non-violent crime committed usually in business circumstances, e.g. fraud and insider trading.
Definitions include: an office job.

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