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Definition of cook (one's) goose

cook (one's) goose


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Other terms relating to 'cook':

Definitions include: v. to flatulate.
Definitions include: under the influence of drugs.
Definitions include: manipulated accounting records.
Definitions include: to be proceeding well or rapidly.
Definitions include: to change accounting records to hide fraud or other crimes.
Definitions include: to masturbate.
Definitions include: to perform an action quickly or efficiently.
Definitions include: an expression of empathy or simple understanding.
Definitions include: "Now you're doing [some task] correctly."
Definitions include: to make a person angry.
Definitions include: a greeting.

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Definitions include: Slang for urinating. (male) Choke the Goose
Definitions include: extremely fast.
Definitions include: to grab or pinch someone's buttocks or upper thigh.
Definitions include: tired.
Definitions include: zero, nothing.
Definitions include: quickly.
Definitions include: of good quality. Also used to describe something that one is proud of.
Definitions include: a silly person.

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