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Definition of cop shop

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Other terms relating to 'police station':

Definitions include: a lock-up in a local police station.
Definitions include: to the police station.

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Other terms relating to 'cop':

Definitions include: a person in a position of authority who is strict or mean.
Definitions include: to get.
Definitions include: to unwantedly grope a person; "feel up".
Definitions include: to leave.
Definitions include: to get a lesser jail / prison sentence in exchange for pleading guilty.
Definitions include: have a seat, sit down and relax.
Definitions include: to tell a contradicting story.
Definitions include: a bullet that can penetrate bullet-proof armor.
Definitions include: to attract a person and at least have a kiss, and maybe have sex with them.
Definitions include: to make an excuse and fail to go through with prior plans.
Definitions include: to get an erection.
Definitions include: a person in a position of authority who is nice.
Definitions include: to want to attract a person for sexual purposes.
Definitions include: "cops" that have only a flashlight.

Other terms relating to 'shop':

Definitions include: acronym for "best friends forever who eat out and go shopping a lot".
Definitions include: a place where people keep stolen cars and fix them up and then re-sell them.
Definitions include: to "close" any location.
Definitions include: to go from doctor to doctor to obtain prescriptions for pharmaceuticals.
Definitions include: a store that sells drug paraphernalia, such as bowls and bongs for marijuana smoking.
Definitions include: to set up one's workplace.
Definitions include: shortened form of "Photoshop".
Definitions include: acronym for "Too Embarrassed To Buy In The Shops".

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