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Definition of correctamoondoe

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Definitions include: spelling of stupid.
Definitions include: acronym for "all but dissertation".
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Definitions include: pubic hair that is kept in a style that compares to a microphone head.
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Definitions include: a cursory cleaning of one's body, for example only cleaning the genitals and underarms.
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Definitions include: a tool or resource that a person should use.
Definitions include: a stupid person.
Definitions include: An exceptionally adorable young woman with beautiful eyes and a divine butt. Kency is a girl who has this amazing ability to leave people awestruck after meeting her. with the most amazing eyes in history, and a smile to die for, she is by far the most adorable girl you will ever meet. she is funny, smart, and is always thinking of others. Kency often doesn't realize how special she is. With loads of boys chasing her(like that idiot Jonathon), you know that she's one special person. However, she hides a terrible secret. She is also the worlds biggest butt head and loves to annoy this really sweet guy named Jonathon.
Definitions include: Alternate spelling of own.

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