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Definition of Costanza luck

Costanza luck

noun - uncountable

  • good luck. From the Seinfeld character George Costanza, who always had something go wrong for him, but whose temporary misfortune resulted in good fortune and abundance.
    Kevin couldn't get the program working, he has Costanza Luck. He dated the hot techie who taught him how to work it.

    Last edited on Jan 28 2013. Submitted by Jeff C. from Maryland, USA on Mar 01 1999.

  • good luck caused by accident or chance; incidential good fortune; good fortune caused by unintentional actions
    I love my Costanza luck, I found a gold ring in the beach sand looking for my nickel.

    Last edited on Feb 01 2011. Submitted by Missy C. from Limburg, Belgium on Jan 26 2011.

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