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Definition of cumjunkie


  • John who is also a member of the gym that I go to took care of the entire men's lockerroom at the gym full of very tall white gay men and very tall bisexual men that have blonde hair and red hair and that are well-endowed, he took turns giving them deep throat and he swallowed their cum after he was done with his workout at the gym. John is the only guy at the gym who is a cumjunkie.
    A gay male that was born physically disabled regardless of skin color that will only swallow the semen of very tall gay men that are well-endowed and that were not born physically disabled regardless of skin color.

    Last edited on Sep 14 2022. Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 04 2021.


  • a junkie (addict) of cum (semen).
    That cumjunkie took care of the entire clubhouse full of bikers.

    Last edited on Jun 12 2011. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 12 2011.

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