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Definition of defriend


verb - transitive

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Definitions include: software that was purchased or written, but never used.
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Definitions include: person who engages in computer security breaching for the purpose of finding problems to fix before another party ("black hat") can maliciously exploit them.
Definitions include: a computer whose security has been compromised, and is then used to perform computer misdeeds, such as sending spam or performing denial-of-service attacks.
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Definitions include: acronym for "search the fucking web".
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Definitions include: the worst.
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Definitions include: to place blame on someone else to avoid taking responsibility for your own actions, to be in denial. Derived from the term "scape-goat"
Definitions include: abbreviated form of "shut the hell up."
Definitions include: used for commentary on something that has been overstated.
Definitions include: to not take something seriously.
Definitions include: to risk everything in some endeavor.
Definitions include: so drunk that one is acting like the village idiot.
Definitions include: an unknown future time.
Definitions include: cigarette.

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