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Definition of derb


  • a woman's pot-belly, specifically from below belly-button to lower hips. Often found in those who eat too much cheese, and don't do enough sit-ups. Midwest slang?
    Her derb really helps those skirts stay up!

    Last edited on Oct 05 1998. Submitted by Dorothy H. from USA on Oct 05 1998.

  • To give a blow-job, head, suck a dick...
    She derbed him last night.

    Last edited on Feb 20 2003. Submitted by Katie a. from Larkin High School, Elgin, IL 60123, USA on Feb 20 2003.

  • a blow job. Oral sex performed on a man.
    She gave him a derb last night.

    Last edited on Sep 05 2003. Submitted by Jessica from Chicago, IL, USA on Sep 05 2003.

  • a guy who smokes marijuana and beer than becomes the life of the party.

    "That derb smoked some bad curb hurb"

    Last edited on Jun 15 2011. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 15 2011.

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