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Definition of dialed-in


  • To be very proficient at a given activity. Derived from having someone's phone number on speed dial; the skill is so familiar that it is easily accessed. Used in climbing, rafting, and kayaking sub-cultures, though not exclusively.
    That guy has got that climbing route dialed-in.

    Last edited on Dec 14 2001. Submitted by Che H. from Seattle, WA, USA on Dec 14 2001.


  • I believe the etymology is more about machine dials (and gauges), perhaps even precise micrometer dial settings.

    I heard the phrase "dialed-in" long before cellphones became common (in the late 1990s). A Viet Nam war vet neighbor of mine was using this expression in the mid-90s: "We had one guy who was a screw-up, till he got dialed-in." (This neigbor was also, later, an automotive engineer for Toyota and Ford.)

    The connotation was usually "The drilling rig is dialed-in." Or, "The pump is dialed-in. Turn it on." Meaning, all of the various gauges and dials are fully within optimal settings.

    I believe this has to do with machine dials, perhaps even micrometer dials, as in similar roots to "fully miked-out."

    Last edited on Jan 18 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 18 2013.

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