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Definition of dialed-in


  • To be very proficient at a given activity. Derived from having someone's phone number on speed dial; the skill is so familiar that it is easily accessed. Used in climbing, rafting, and kayaking sub-cultures, though not exclusively.
    That guy has got that climbing route dialed-in.

    Last edited on Dec 14 2001. Submitted by Che H. from Seattle, WA, USA on Dec 14 2001.


  • I believe the etymology is more about machine dials (and gauges), perhaps even precise micrometer dial settings.

    I heard the phrase "dialed-in" long before cellphones became common (in the late 1990s). A Viet Nam war vet neighbor of mine was using this expression in the mid-90s: "We had one guy who was a screw-up, till he got dialed-in." (This neigbor was also, later, an automotive engineer for Toyota and Ford.)

    The connotation was usually "The drilling rig is dialed-in." Or, "The pump is dialed-in. Turn it on." Meaning, all of the various gauges and dials are fully within optimal settings.

    I believe this has to do with machine dials, perhaps even micrometer dials, as in similar roots to "fully miked-out."

    Last edited on Jan 18 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 18 2013.

  • I'm pretty sure it refers to the adjustment of an old analog radio dial until a station was totally clear. In the old days you had to slowly turn the dial and you would get static if you were off the signal by even a small amount. Thus, dialed in means that you're getting the full effect, the real deal, the best experience.

    Last edited on Feb 13 2019. Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 13 2019.


  • Used in shooting to describe the accurate sighting-in of a rifle and telescopic sight using the elevation and windage dials to incrementally adjust the zero, until the point-of-impact eventually lands on the bullseye of the target. Also describes the act of adjusting the scope's dials in order to perform a precise shot without having to aim high to account for distance.

    Last edited on Mar 07 2021. Submitted by Hitchslap on Mar 07 2021.

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