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Definition of flavor-saver

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Other terms relating to 'hair, facial hair':

Definitions include: a beard or mustache, but usually a mustache.
Definitions include: dreadlocks.
Definitions include: the darkening of mens' faces late in the day due to hair growth after prior shaving.
Definitions include: a hair style consisting of baldness on the top of the head and long hair in the back.
Definitions include: to be arrested and put in a jail cell.
Definitions include: afro.
Definitions include: a hair brush used by hoochies.
Definitions include: alternate spelling of skullet.
Definitions include: a mullet.
Definitions include: any large hair style.
Definitions include: a fake Mohawk.
Definitions include: a light-blond person.
Definitions include: hair or hair style.
Definitions include: Bangs, the hair that hangs over your forehead
Definitions include: a haircut or hair style.

Slang terms with the same root words

Other terms relating to 'flavor':

Definitions include: something that is currently popular.
Definitions include: to do a good job.

Other terms relating to 'save':

Definitions include: a firefighter.
Definitions include: to be ill, drunk, or otherwise unhealthy, or affected negatively by a substance.
Definitions include: A reference to a dungeons and dragons term that means to have poor reaction time. Also, to fall, drop and object, or to fail to get out of the path of a moving object.
Definitions include: A dungeons and dragons term that refers to being gullible or mislead.
Definitions include: saved by last-minute intervention.
Definitions include: to do something to save one's reputation or to avoid or reduce embarrassment.
Definitions include: used when you know someone is telling a bald-faced lie.
Definitions include: to save a person.

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