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Definition of frombe

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Other terms relating to 'sex, sexual intercourse':

Definitions include: sex in which an overweight participant's fat jiggles.
Definitions include: to engage in coitus.
Definitions include: see home run.
Definitions include: an automobile.
Definitions include: To Have sex.
Definitions include: It means sex.
Definitions include: when a group of men all have sex with one women at the same time, one right behind another.
Definitions include: to have sex.
Definitions include: friends only for the purpose of having intercourse.
Definitions include: short for "fugly", which is short for "fucking ugly."
Definitions include: to have sex with someone, any type of sexual intercourse.
Definitions include: lacking excitement or people; "boring".
Definitions include: Past tense of "screw".
Definitions include: offensive speech about another person.
Definitions include: to have sex (with).

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: rights to a sitting space recently vacated, that one intends on occupying again in the near future. One "calls fives" to claim, for example, a spot on a sofa when one gets up to use the bathroom. Anyone is permitted to sit in the seat during the person's absence, but must give it up immediately when that person returns. One would say, "I've got fives" while getting up from a seat.
Definitions include: paintball term; getting shot by an advancing player who runs around or comes over the top of your bunker and shoots you
Definitions include: "disconnect".
Definitions include: Lies, deception, bullshit.
Definitions include: of poor quality, consisting mostly of spam.
Definitions include: a crush.
Definitions include: variant of "smooth".
Definitions include: to proceed immediately in conversation to the core point.
Definitions include: a Christian who attends church only on Christmas, Easter and Mother's Day.
Definitions include: Another term used for a good friend too cool for his own good.

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