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Definition of gap shot

gap shot


  • in baseball, a line drive hit between outfielders into the "gap", generally resulting in a double, triple or sometimes and inside-the-park home run.
    Andrew McCutcheon hit a screaming line drive to the power alley in left center in Houston and legged out a stand-up triple from this gap shot.

    Last edited on Oct 19 2013. Submitted by Spanger from Salt Lake City, UT, USA on Oct 16 2013.

  • outside of baseball, a glimpse (or sometimes an extended view) of a dress-wearing female that does not cross her legs properly, resulting in a prime view of her panties or vulva.
    In the movie Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone delivers the most remembered gap shot in modern cinematography. When sitting in the chair to be questioned by the fuzz, she crosses her legs seductively and intentionally allows Michael Douglas and his cohorts an unobstructed view of her money maker.

    Last edited on Oct 19 2013. Submitted by Spanger from Salt Lake City, UT, USA on Oct 16 2013.

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