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Definition of Gaylivanting



  • traveling in luxury, pleasurably wandering and sashaying, not worrying about other things.

    gay-li-vant-ing variants gaylivant also gaylivants

    Referring to a person who travels to different places ostentatiously and is attentive to, with a fondness for, the company of homosexuals.

    -- "He was gaylivanting his way from Brisbane to Broadway to Beijing, in 1st class airline seats". Book. 1st known use: Feb 2007 (Facebook: BroadwayProducer biography)
    Referring to a person who goes about to a lot of different places ostentatiously and is attentive to, with a fondness for, the company of others homosexuals.

    Last edited on Apr 10 2023. Submitted by Toby Simkin from New York, NY, USA on Apr 10 2023.

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