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Definition of get crunk

get crunk


  • to become crunk (i.e. excited, amongst several other definitions.)

    Citation from "Dirty Decade: Rap Music and the U.S. South, 1997-2007", Southern Spaces, Matt Miller censored in hope of resolving Google's penalty against this site.

    Last edited on Mar 30 2010. Submitted by Michu from Poland on Feb 10 2002.

  • to have a good time.
    There's a party down the street - let's go get crunk!

    Last edited on Mar 30 2010. Submitted by Jossely C. from Leominster, MA, USA on Apr 18 2002.

  • a particular style of dancing.

    "Meesy nem was out on the corner gettin' crunk to some kickin' joints!"

    Last edited on Dec 15 2011. Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 11 2011.

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