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Definition of Guardard





  • 1. An incompetent Guard who is under question buy supiors in Chain of Command. 2.A Guard who is imprudent in questioning a human being.
    A Guard questioned Person for smoking in a posted smoking permitted zone then without the Person's reply cuffed and best the Person. The Guardard was reported to the Chain of Command and terminated Lawsuit pending.
    Typo edit: instead of best enter best in first sentence of example sentence.
    Typo edit: best replaced by beat in previous example.
    Typo edit: buy changed to by line 1 of definition.
    Edit: Lawsuit capitalized or not capitalized by rule.
    Edit: Superiors replacing supiors in definition 1.

    Last edited on Feb 08 2022. Submitted by James John Warneke from Billings, MT, USA on Jan 26 2022.

noun - plural

  • Edit definition 2. Human being instead of human being adding or Human beings. Noun plural or Noun.
    Human being or Human beings can be termed Person or Persons or Person's or Persons'.
    Edit. Or add Human being' or Human beings' Human being's. Add Person'.
    Human should be capitalized as well as Person by rule.

    Last edited on Jan 28 2022. Submitted by James John Warneke from Billings, MT, USA on Jan 26 2022.


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