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Definition of gutter



  • person that doesn't take any crap, down for anything.
    Man he so gutta.

    Last edited on Oct 12 2016. Submitted by Jamal T. on Sep 11 2004.

  • But also refers to the mind state of an individual who comes from poverty and thus takes no shorts from anyone who gets in his way.
    Damn that dude is Gutta with his.
    Meaning he's down for doing whatever it takes in order to be a success which may include drug dealing, robbery, and even murder.

    Last edited on Aug 30 2011. Submitted by The Last Don on Aug 30 2011.

noun - uncountable

  • often refers to the slums. Often used to refer to poverty or someone who came from the bottom or currently resides there in.
    I came from the gutter, there ain't no lower.

    Last edited on Oct 12 2016. Submitted by The Last Don on Aug 30 2011.

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Definitions include: An inexpensive street walker who loves their job so much they can't get enough! Or used as an insult.
Definitions include: A person who knowingly performs acts that hurt or defame another person.
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Definitions include: an extremely low-class slut - i.e. one who may be found in a gutter.
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