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Definition of house


  • To steal.
    I just housed that candy bar.
    • See more words with the same meaning: to steal.

    Last edited on Jul 23 1998. Submitted by Evan G. on Jul 23 1998.

  • first heard in the movie PCU (the hippies playing frisbee say "we're getting housed.. we need blotter!" (the dog). verb- meaning to kick ass, beat up on your opponents, dominate.
    Our team's housing!

    Last edited on Sep 17 2002. Submitted by joe from Baltimore, MD, USA on Sep 17 2002.


  • to defeat impressively. Possibly from dominoes.
    Stanford is afraid to play me in Scrabble - he knows that I'll house him in 3 plays.
    I ran the pool table all night long. I went home because I was tired of housin' my sorry opponents.

    Last edited on Jun 03 2010. Submitted by dominomack from Vallejo, CA, USA on Jul 24 2004.

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