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Definition of hut hut

hut hut

  • same as bling bling or word.
    Person 1: "That jeep is dope Azz"

    Person 2: Hut hut.

    Last edited on Dec 24 1999. Submitted by Afton B. from AZ, USA on Dec 24 1999.


  • Means the same as super bummed or sad

    1st person "The tickets were sold out." 2nd person "Hut Hut"

    1st person "I won't be able to come over this weekend." 2nd person " Hut Hut"

    Synonmon: super bummed Definition: something or situation that is depressing or make you sad.

    Last edited on Jun 06 2017. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 25 2016.


  • (Short for "Hut Hut Hut" - Hilarious or very funny. Similar to Ha Ha Ha. "Haven" can be used as an alternative due to the implied reference to the Haven holiday resorts where there are several huts. E.g., Person 1: "James tripped and fell flat on his face" Person 2: "Hut hut!!!"

    Last edited on Jun 06 2017. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 06 2017.

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