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Definition of hyphy


  • to be wild and crazy
    Stop actin so hyphy jumpin' on tha table like that.

    Last edited on Jun 20 2006. Submitted by Alex J. on Jun 20 2006.

  • hyper

    Last edited on Feb 22 2007. Submitted by Kathrynn C. on Feb 22 2007.

  • to be drunk and high at the same time
    Everybody's getting hyphy in the club.

    Last edited on Aug 29 2007. Submitted by Anonymous from Granite Bay, CA, USA on Aug 29 2007.

  • to get drunk/high, act ignorant with a large group of people or start fights.

    Last edited on Nov 15 2007. Submitted by Anonymous from CA, USA on Nov 15 2007.

  • Contraction for the words "hyper" & "philosophy"<hyper philosophy> Def: A hyper outlook; way of life; mode of thought.

    Last edited on Oct 29 2010. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 29 2010.


  • Goofy, Crazy, high energy. or a way of living - hype, crunk, actin a fool, ignorant. "We stay hyphy, in our white tee, and our black jeans, and our Nikes" -- Keak da Sneak on 1999's Sneakacydal. It's Cali's version of Crunk. Intead of sayin let's get crunk, you'd say get hyphy. Hyphy's gettin crazy, stupid, dumb, retarded, etc.
    We got hella hyphy at the party last night.

    Last edited on Aug 18 2006. Submitted by L from Fresno, CA, USA on Aug 18 2006.


  • Someone who keeps his eyes and ears wide open and his/her mouth closed,and therefore has the habit of prompt decision

    "My boyfriend,FOSU-NSIAH DAVID is very HYPHY"

    Last edited on Sep 24 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 24 2016.

  • A person who open his eyes and ears wide open n keep his mouth closed and therefore have the habit of promt decision .

    Last edited on Oct 15 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 15 2016.

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