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Definition of Japanese motorbike

Japanese motorbike

  • 'Japanese Motorbike', UK slang, east Midlands area. Euphemism for the female ailment also known as 'Thrush'(Medical term. Manifesting as a mild to severe skin itching caused by the opportunistic yeast infection 'Candida Albicans').

    Original Example of use: "When she told me she had an 'ItchyFanny' I thought it was a type of Japanese motorbike".

    The slang term has evolved in recent years with women using the slang term knowingly.

    A woman who warns a prospective partner she "has got Japanese motorbike" is being socially responsible by politely warning of an "itchy fanny" (an intimate medical issue recognised by general medical practitioners as a mild topical groin infection. "Fanny" (noun, coarse UK English slang term for pudenda).
    Why are you scratching your twat dearest, have you got 'japanese motorbike'?

    Last edited on Jun 08 2015. Submitted by Christopher P. on May 10 2014.

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