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Definition of Kasmay



  • 'Kasam' is a word which simply translates to 'I swear'. This word is used in various South Asian languages such as Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi/Mirpuri.

    People mainly use the word to prove the point that they are honestly speaking the truth!

    Due to different dialects/languages the word 'Kasam' sounds different

    Over the years the Pakistani community have officially taken ownership of the word and changed it to 'Kasmay'

    Unfortunatly! Some people go overboard with the 'Kasmay' word and use it over their God, Holy Book and Mother .


    Maa Ni Kasam= I swear on my Mother's life!

    Allah Ni Kasmay= I swear to God!

    Kasmay! I'm not the Father

    Kasmay! That girl is my sister
    Kasmay! She was Onnit Lyk a Bonnet.
    Maa Ni Kasmay!
    Quran Ni Kasmay!

    Last edited on Sep 22 2020. Submitted by KebabSahib on Sep 22 2020.

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