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Definition of Maaveh



  • 'Maa-veh' is Mirpuri/Pothwari code-word for 'Police'. This word is used by the British Pakistani thugs/road-manz/cuzzy bros whenever they try to warn a fellow cuzzy bro about the police. Instead of shouting out 'Police!' they will shout out 'Maaveh!'

    The word 'Maaveh' originates from the Punjabi word 'Maa-meh'
    Kasme! Maaveh on our case Dosta!
    Cuzzy hide the Maal, Maaveh are comin!
    Mahyude Maaveh Sr!
    Maaveh Ni Maa Ni Phuddi!
    Goli Maar Maaveh Ki!
    Fk the Maaveh!
    Khutteh Maaveh Soor!

    Last edited on Sep 24 2020. Submitted by KebabSahib on Sep 24 2020.

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