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Definition of Marble Collecting

Marble Collecting


  • "MARBLE COLLECTING" OR "MARBLE COLLECTOR" is a derogatory term used in gay repulsive, man, whos hobby is taking the virginity of gay boys.

    1. "Marble Collecting"- used in gay community to describe a period of time in which you are embarrassed to admit. "Don't tell my man, I did that, that was when I was "Marble Collecting"

    2. "Marble Collector"- used to describe a person (usually a gay male) that is annoying, repulsive, desperate, etc, etc,.

    Last edited on Dec 30 2022. Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 30 2022.

  • A derogatory term used in the LBGT community, since the mid 70s. A term to denote or slander a older gay man (SLUR)to say one is a marble collector, or adverb Marble Collecting is to say he is repulsive, desperate,Offence, or a predator.

    Marble Collector also used to describe a older gay man who's plight in life is to take anal virginity of young gay man.

    1. Tom, watch out for Ed, he is a marble collector, he might skip ya a mickey.

    2. Ed is out on the prow, marble collecting as usual.

    Last edited on Jan 15 2023. Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 15 2023.

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