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Definition of minging


  • An insult, can mean anything, but usually smelly

    Last edited on Mar 17 2006. Submitted by NATASHA B. on Mar 17 2006.

  • Weird, Disgusting, Unpleasant

    "I put the fake Kylie Jenner on me lips and it were rate minging" Basic teenager slang.

    Last edited on Nov 13 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 13 2016.


  • dirty; old; foul smelling.
    I wouldn't sit on that minging sofa even if I was wearing an anti-radiation suit!

    Last edited on Sep 20 2013. Submitted by James B. from Edmonton, AB, Canada on Mar 31 2003.

  • ugly or unattractive.
    She was alright, but then she spoke, and then she was mingin'.

    Last edited on May 31 2004. Submitted by Matthew R. from Blackpool, United Kingdom on May 31 2004.

  • disgusting. From the Scots word "mingin", meaning malodorous.

    Last edited on Jun 03 2010. Submitted by Raymond B. from Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, UK on Oct 08 2004.

  • gross

    Last edited on Nov 25 2004. Submitted by Ruby from UK on Nov 25 2004.

  • ugly, unpleasant or lacking in hygiene/cleanliness.
    He clearly doesn't clean that sofa - it's minging.
    His girlfriend is minging.

    Last edited on Sep 09 2005. Submitted by Phil H. from Cambridgeshire, UK on Sep 09 2005.

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