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Definition of muckle


  • To grab hold of with great force. Can be used to mean grabbed with hands, arms, teeth, or any means to hold onto. It's something I've hear a lot in southern Maine, but my wife, who is from away has never heard it before. Perhaps it is local to this region.
    He muckled on to my arm.

    Last edited on Mar 08 2000. Submitted by TTG from Southern Terrace, ME 04280, USA on Mar 08 2000.

  • To grab on to an object, usually with a great deal of force. May also be used figuratively to indicate a strong attraction for an object or person. Ex: "When I saw her down the bar, I muckled right on to her." Origin: Downeast Maine.
    I muckled on to the rope and pulled in the boat.

    Last edited on Oct 28 2002. Submitted by Lee O. from Brewer, ME 04412, USA on Oct 28 2002.

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