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Definition of mud duck

mud duck


  • an unattractive person.
    Bremerton's the city right outside of mind.Most girls there are ducks but a few are fine. But the ones that I speak about, use their face for catching trout, vacuum cleaners for a mouth. You know what I'm talking about. Mud ducks, hockey pucks, drivers of Mack trucks. ..." Bremelo; Sir Mix-a-Lot.

    Last edited on Nov 10 2020. Submitted by Cheree B. from Alliance, OH, USA on Feb 10 2003.

  • a person with a weak signal on Citizens Band radio.

    Last edited on May 04 2010. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 06 2010.

  • Item used to scrape the mud from the bottom of your boots or shoes.

    Last edited on Jan 16 2012. Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 16 2012.

  • a fictitious creature upon which one blames his audible flatulence.
    That wasn't me, it must have been a mud duck.

    Last edited on Feb 15 2014. Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 15 2014.

  • The worst Fantasy Sports participant of all time.
    That Mud Duck is the worst at fantasy football!

    Last edited on Mar 15 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 15 2016.

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