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Definition of nest egg

nest egg

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Definitions include: a bad person.
Definitions include: like popping a girls cherry
Definitions include: Speculation about the origin of the term includes the custom of the Easter Egg hunt observed in the U.S. and many parts of Europe, as well Faberge' eggs containing hidden objects.
Definitions include: to throw (usually raw) eggs at.
Definitions include: to antagonize into further action.
Definitions include: extremely full after consuming food or drink.
Definitions include: a good person.
Definitions include: zero, nothing.
Definitions include: American football.
Definitions include: to be embarrassed.
Definitions include: to risk everything on a single unlikely event.
Definitions include: to hit one's head hard enough to cause disorientation or damage.

Other terms relating to 'nest':

Definitions include: a parent with no children living at home.
Definitions include: a dangerous situation.
Definitions include: a place where a couple sequesters themselves.

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