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Definition of notch


  • old western action describing how many people they had killed by carving a notch in the handle of their gun. A tally of how many woman one has slept with.
    Yo all my homies boinked Chelsey, she's just another notch.

    Last edited on May 16 2011. Submitted by Jimmy W. from Pittsburg, KS, USA on Dec 05 2001.

  • a fine classy ass top notch female.
    Fanny, Keri, and Brenda are some notches for real.

    Last edited on Sep 11 2003. Submitted by Pookie from Indianapolis, IN, USA on Sep 11 2003.

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Definitions include: to increase the intensity of something.
Definitions include: to reduce.
Definitions include: a remarkable achievement, especially in a successive string or tally of casual sexual partners.
Definitions include: an achievement marked by the number of one's casual sexual partners. Compare with a notch in (someone's) belt.
Definitions include: to decrease.
Definitions include: Fine as hell, perfect body.

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