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Definition of nu nu out

nu nu out

  • The product Renutriant was marketed in health food and supplement stores until its Federal ban in February, 2000. Bodybuilders and health fanatics consumed the pill form of Renutriant as a method of inducing heavy REM sleep. The benefits of heavy REM sleep are heavy for physical as well as psychological reasons. Ravers, and other like-minded partiers, discovered that Renutriant coagulates as GHB in the bloodstream. By ingesting large quantities of Renutriant at one time the high or euphoric effect was obtained. An overdose or "Nu Nu Out" on Renutriant causes a deep often un-revivable sleep.
    I nunued out last night!

    Last edited on Dec 20 2012. Submitted by Fred S. from Woodland Hills, CA, USA on Mar 09 2000.

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