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Definition of numpty

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Other terms relating to 'unintelligent person, idiot':

Definitions include: Absent minded 2. not paying attention 3. stupid.
Definitions include: alternate spelling of fuckwit.
Definitions include: very common spelling of choad.
Definitions include: an extremely stupid person.
Definitions include: stupid or dumb. Origin former Vice President Dan Quayle. Everyone knows he is a total fool.
Definitions include: of lower than average intelligence.
Definitions include: a stupid person.
Definitions include: an unintelligent person; "idiot".
Definitions include: An ignorant and stupid person.
Definitions include: very cold.
Definitions include: retard.
Definitions include: implies someone who is (sometimes) not too bright, unkempt, nerdy.
Definitions include: a mentally handicapped person.
Definitions include: alternate spelling and pronunciation of "idiot".
Definitions include: an unintelligent person.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: stolen.
Definitions include: to become annoying due to repetition; "get old".
Definitions include: scant, barely sufficient.
Definitions include: to engage in sexual intercourse.
Definitions include: appearing barely above the age of consent.
Definitions include: to ramble on endlessly, usually repetitively.
Definitions include: female variant of "choke the chicken", that is to masturbate.
Definitions include: A Sissy Baby Transvestite is a very effeminate and prissy Transvestite male who usually lives fulltime openly and visibly dressed in little girls dresses resembling that of a 3 to 5 year old from head to toe while also wearing real baby drapers and very noisy nursery print plastic pannts of which those within 40 feet can very clearly here that obvious crackle of plastic diaper pants. Most all Sissy Baby Transvestite's juust as I am are homosexual and extremely submissive to everyone.
Definitions include: to be near death.
Definitions include: to swallow a person's semen.

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