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Definition of OF



  • acronym for 'Oriental Female', 'Orientalid Female' or 'Orientaloid Female', this denotes a Brunette female from the Orient (including the Greater Middle East, Far East and Slavic East). In contrast to the NF or Blonde Nordic Female from the Nordic West and the BF or Black Female from the Dravidian Peninsula and Sub-Saharan Africa.

    It is considered far more scientific than the kindred but inaccurate abbreviation 'AF' which stands for 'Asian Female' or 'Asiatic Female', as 'OF' includes the non-Asian yet Orientalid Maghrebines.

    Compare with Beurette, Oriental Odalisque, Sand Siren, Sand Sister, Saracena and Saracena Sultana.
    1. Harold: Wow, that is a hot OF in that hijab over there!

    Steven: I prefer my OFs in burqa or niqab - adds to the mystery!

    2. Edgar: Yo Abdul, is it true your OFs prefer NMs and BMs?

    Abdul: By Allah, 'tis true! Verily, our Sand Sisters prefer the BNP and the BBC over our SOP.!

    Last edited on Aug 24 2021. Submitted by Oliver Spencer Dickenson from Westminster, London, UK on Aug 24 2021.

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