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Definition of pecker head

pecker head

  • Noun for the terminal box on an electronic motor
    There is a lose connection in the pecker head.

    Last edited on Nov 27 2014. Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 27 2014.


  • An unpleasant male person, said to use his penis (pecker) to think rather than his brain.
    That guy is such a peckerhead.

    Last edited on Apr 26 2010. Submitted by Katie from Virgina, Ullin, IL 62992, USA on May 16 1999.

  • an annoying or rude person; "dick head".

    Last edited on Dec 17 2011. Submitted by Corey M. on Dec 28 2005.

  • a red head. From the slang phrase "red on the head like a pecker on a poodle."

    Last edited on May 16 2011. Submitted by Angie A. from Indianapolis, IN, USA on Feb 24 2010.

  • a morel mushroom.
    I hunt for peckerheads in the forest floor.

    Last edited on Dec 14 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 13 2016.

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