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Definition of pencildick

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Other terms relating to 'insults involving genitalia (list of)':

Definitions include: an insulting retort; "suck (one's) dick".
Definitions include: insulting retort.
Definitions include: a person who suffers from impotence due to alcohol consumption.
Definitions include: derogatory.
Definitions include: to perform analingus.
Definitions include: to fall and hit the ground.
Definitions include: derogatory command that means roughly "Go get fucked!"
Definitions include: shortened form of "lick my (part of anatomy)" such as lick my nuts, lick my ass, etc.
Definitions include: general comeback to anything derogatory.
Definitions include: acronym of "eat a dick."
Definitions include: a general insult.
Definitions include: a dismissive retort; "go to hell"; "bite me".
Definitions include: request for oral sex or as an insult.
Definitions include: something that smells very bad.
Definitions include: A Derogatory term used to describe the act of being idiotic, an asshole, or being a dick head.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: to provide the police with information that may incriminate another party.
Definitions include: an injection of a vaccine via hypodermic needle.
Definitions include: a small cloth bag with a draw string issued to perspective sailors during basic training to store sundries, incidentals, and personal property.
Definitions include: a female who spends long sessions at the gym doing only low-intensity cardio exercises.
Definitions include: general malaise felt on the first day back to work after the weekend.
Definitions include: A person of small size, but often underestimated in strength.
Definitions include: When cum in dripping out of someone's ass and someone else licks it and swallows it.
Definitions include: to kiss with an open mouth, usually placing one's tongue in the other person's mouth.
Definitions include: many ("mad") compliments ("props").
Definitions include: a sexual encounter between a gay male and a straight female.

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