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Definition of plug

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Slang terms with the same meaning

Other terms relating to 'to shoot':

Definitions include: to kill, usually with a firearm.
Definitions include: to begin firing a firearm.
Definitions include: the usual procedure.
Definitions include: very good, excellent; "cool".
Definitions include: to shoot.
Definitions include: "soda", "soft drink".
Definitions include: death by shooting.
Definitions include: to shoot repeatedly with a firearm.
Definitions include: being shot so as to improve one's attitude.
Definitions include: Alternate spelling of own.
Definitions include: to fire a bullet; "shoot".

Slang terms with the same root words

Other terms relating to 'plug':

Definitions include: the "Asian Pride Gangstaz" gang in Nashville, TN, USA.
Definitions include: to injure or otherwise defile a person
Definitions include: anything rote and extremely repetitive which doesn't require any thinking.
Definitions include: from "Plug and Play," by which computers automatically attempt to recognize newly attached devices.
Definitions include: connected to a social scene, source of knowledge, etc.
Definitions include: vagina.
Definitions include: to persist during a difficult time or while completing a difficult task.
Definitions include: to end something.

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