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Definition of randy


  • "horny." To be sexually aroused or in a horny state of mind.
    Are you feelin' as randy as I am right now?

    Last edited on Mar 27 2014. Submitted by Rusty J. from Virginia Beach, VA, USA on Jun 17 1998.

  • horny, used on the east coast.
    I'm feeling so randy right now!
    The president is one randy guy.

    Last edited on May 16 2011. Submitted by fuzz from CA, USA on Sep 23 1998.

  • sexually aroused.
    My boyfriend is so Randy.

    Last edited on May 16 2011. Submitted by Natasha from Minnesota, USA on Jan 30 2000.


  • horny, sexually hungry, keen for sex.
    It's spring, which always get me randy.

    Last edited on May 31 2004. Submitted by Matthew R. from Blackpool, United Kingdom on May 31 2004.

  • Horny, sexually aroused
    I'm feeling pretty randy - let's go find some ladies.
    I'm randy right now.

    Last edited on Apr 23 2013. Submitted by I-Man from Highland, NY, USA on Nov 02 2006.

  • rude, aggressive. Obsolete Scottish term.
    The restaurant was completely destroyed by drunken ruffians and randy thugs

    Last edited on Jul 02 2017. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 01 2017.

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