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Definition of read


  • Knowing exactly where another person is 'coming from' and telling the person about it esp. in front of the crowd if any. Also read (one's) beads. The truth behind what someone is saying. Again, overheard by person who frequents gay bars. (p.s. Feel free to elaborate).
    He was upset 'cause I was reading him.
    He got plucked 'cause I was reading his beads.
    I was reading him.

    Last edited on Mar 15 2000. Submitted by P. F. from New Orleans, LA, USA on Mar 15 2000.

  • To lecture someone with a sharply worded barrage of painful truths about themselves. Popularized by New York City drag queens in the documentary movie "Paris is Burning."
    If you don't quit doing that, I will read your ass.

    Last edited on Jul 08 2005. Submitted by Larry R. on Jul 08 2005.

  • to understand
    Do you read me?

    Last edited on Oct 11 2006. Submitted by N.S. S. on Oct 11 2006.

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