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Definition of represent


  • From inner-city urban Black culture. "You betta represent." or "You gotta represent" means that one should be publicly candid about one's social stratum or geographical milieu of origin, however humble. It means one should acknowledge, and be an exemplar of, one's roots, not guilefully trying to dissemble this (even though one's personal fortunes have since improved).
    You from the Oaktown hood? You betta represent!

    Last edited on Jun 11 2002. Submitted by david l. from Boerne, TX, USA on Jun 11 2002.

  • A cheer of encouragement.

    Last edited on Feb 07 2003. Submitted by Mark from Denver, CO, USA on Feb 07 2003.


  • To take pride in one's group or neighborhood without shame. Used by Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz in "Throw It Up."
    Represent your cliche!

    Last edited on Dec 29 2003. Submitted by Courdan, N. on Dec 29 2003.

  • An exclamation to acknowledge that one has well-represented something for which he stands.
    From one Ohio State fan to another who is wearing a nice Buckeyes sweatshirt and has his arm around a cute blonde, "Go Bucks. Represent!

    Last edited on May 19 2004. Submitted by Anonymous on May 19 2004.

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