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Definition of ridonculous



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Other terms relating to 'wild, ridiculous, extreme':

Definitions include: extremely fun; exciting; wild.
Definitions include: without restrictions.
Definitions include: crazy, to act crazy or make something crazy
Definitions include: to undergo a medical procedure with no regard to one-self's mental or physical comfort, i.e. refusing all procedural drugs meant to help one relax, forget and relieve pain, all in an effort to save time.
Definitions include: excited.
Definitions include: ridiculous, absurd.
Definitions include: uncontrollable, uncivilized; "crazy".
Definitions include: alternate spelling of off the hook.
Definitions include: "off the heezy for sheezy", i.e. "off the hook for sure".
Definitions include: extreme.
Definitions include: crazy, i.e. strange, insane, or wild.
Definitions include: a wild party.
Definitions include: also balls to the wall.
Definitions include: extreme.
Definitions include: tight cool sweet. etc. also nice something is nice.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: a person who you felt betrayed by or feel a strong dislike for.
Definitions include: close friend, usually said in a group or a click.
Definitions include: a man who is successful with women.
Definitions include: a demanding superior.
Definitions include: simplified; put in terms that a child would understand.
Definitions include: A Female who dates more than one guy, not necessarily for sex, but to have a good time when her "regular" man isn't available. (good connotation) 2. A female who is a slut, but thinks she has all of the men (bad connotation).
Definitions include: going well; going smoothly.
Definitions include: to take something or somebody from someone.
Definitions include: to decorate, enhance, make pretty.
Definitions include: to form a line of people, while waiting to receive some service.

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