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Definition of sag



  • to wear one's pants very low as if to drag on the ground.
    My pants are sagging down to the floor.

    Last edited on Jan 18 2012. Submitted by MDR from CA, USA on Mar 31 1999.

  • to wear your pants low, below the waist line.
    Look at that dude. He's saggin'

    Last edited on Jan 18 2012. Submitted by Josh W. on May 19 2004.

  • A fashion trend mainly among U.S. American males that involves wearing trousers (shorts, pants or jeans) far below the waist, thus revealing much of the underwear. This style is typically worn with baggy clothing and is often associated with American hip-hop culture. Sagging is generally viewed as an expression of rebellion against traditional societal norms. A number of merchant and school policies, as well as city ordinances have emerged to limit the practice throughout the United States.

    Last edited on Jan 18 2012. Submitted by Anonymous from St Louis, MO, USA on Jan 18 2012.

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Definitions include: to wear one's pants low.

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