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Definition of salnmush



  • A saltine packet's worth of saltine mush, especially of such that has had water be poured on it.

    It is a food that people eat, here is how to make the food. Step 1: Get saltine packet Step 2: Open it up Step 3: Pour water into packet

    That is it, now different people like to put different amounts of water into their salnmush, some like it so that it is all mush and that there is excess water in the packet. Some people like to drink the saltine water that comes from the packet. While others just have it so that only some of the crackers are mush. It is a good salt-provider and hydrater at the same time. It is also very cheap.

    If there is still mush in the packet, you can squeeze the packet like a yogurt slip or you can open up the packet and manually get the remaining mush yourself.

    Last edited on Jun 11 2024. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 11 2024.

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