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Definition of sand bag

sand bag

  • to malinger or shirk responsibility.

    Last edited on May 17 2011. Submitted by Dr. A. on Jun 24 2008.


  • To take someone unawares. To stop his progress, and to interfere with his intended goal.

    Last edited on Jun 26 2012. Submitted by syzygysb from Santa Barbara, CA, USA on Jun 26 2012.

  • A cycling slang term. When a bicycle racer capable of winning category I and II races enters into an easier category such as III or IV, that he is certain to win. This is known as "sandbagging."

    Last edited on Jun 27 2012. Submitted by syzygysb from Santa Barbara, CA, USA on Jun 27 2012.

  • In vaudeville and theater days, large back drops were counter weighted on rope pulley systems. Sometimes by accident or on purpose these large sandbags would come crashing down on an actors while on stage, totally completely taking him out totally unawares, or blind sided. The term refers to anyone completely and totally stopped by some means that they never saw coming.

    Last edited on Sep 01 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 01 2013.

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