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Definition of Sasube



  • Sasube(Sa-Su'-Be); to encourage, to strive, to achieve, strengthen, motivate, go the distance, do not give up.
    Synonyms: Go, Push, Move, Come on!, You can do it!, Almost there!, Don't quit!
    Ex: John, they can not stop you. Sasube!
    Ex: Sasube! This is your time to shine.
    Ex: Work hard and you will Sasube your way to a higher paying job.

    Submitted by Fade2Fame on Sep 08 2013.

    Last edited on Sep 08 2013. Submitted by Fade2Fame from Columbia, SC, USA on Sep 08 2013.

  • to encourage, to congratulate, wish good luck, to achieve, motivate, going the distance.
    I sasube you on your SAT testing. Compare with encourage.
    Sasube on your 20 mile walk for cancer. Compare with good luck.

    Last edited on Jul 29 2014. Submitted by Fade2Fame from Columbia, SC, USA on Jul 29 2014.

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