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Definition of saucered and blown

saucered and blown


  • completed; under control.
    He has that situation saucered and blown.

    Last edited on Apr 11 2011. Submitted by Anonymous from CA, USA on Nov 02 2001.


  • A pragmatic and holistic approach to addressing concerns.

    Origin: At the founding of the United States, Washington and Jefferson were said to have an exchange regarding the forming of Congress. Washington described the reason for choosing to make Congress bicameral (two legislative houses) by way of a cup and saucer. He suggested that the cup was the House of Representatives, which aligned itself more closely with the passions of the people, while the saucer was the Senate, which aligned with the nation as a whole, and into which those passions (coffee or tea) could be poured and cooled by blowing over them.

    Last edited on Apr 13 2011. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 11 2011.

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