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Definition of scrap


  • a dirty person who looks like crap.
    You look like a scrap.

    Last edited on May 17 2011. Submitted by Heretik from East Ct, San Jose, CA 95116, USA on Dec 13 1999.

  • a person who is in a gang.
    That nigga is a scrap.

    Last edited on Jun 05 2013. Submitted by Britney on Feb 23 2000.

  • to beat a person.
    We gon' scrap you.

    Last edited on Jun 05 2013. Submitted by PT from Miami, FL, USA on Aug 29 2002.

verb - intransitive

  • to fight.
    I saw two girls scrap.
    You wanna scrap?

    Last edited on Mar 22 2011. Submitted by Brian from Arlington, TX, USA on Oct 16 2001.

  • to fight. "straight scrap" = to immediately fight.
    We can talk it out, or straight scrap!

    Last edited on Jun 05 2013. Submitted by J da Headbanga from Baltimore, MD, USA on Jan 27 2003.

verb - transitive

  • to have sexual intercourse with.
    I didn't answer my phone last night because I was busy scrapping my girlfriend.

    Last edited on Jun 05 2013. Submitted by CeCandy from Rochester, NY, USA on Nov 20 2006.

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