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Definition of shiesty

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Other terms relating to 'stingy or greedy':

Definitions include: a woman who is dating a wealthy man only for his money.
Definitions include: a police officer.
Definitions include: to not repay a debt.
Definitions include: uptight, stingy, conservative; "by the book".
Definitions include: to steal, monopolize, or hog.
Definitions include: very good, excellent; "cool"; "awesome".
Definitions include: a stingy person.
Definitions include: metaphorical arms, the presence of which indicates a person is stingy.

Other terms relating to 'suspicious, immoral, illegal':

Definitions include: related to immorality or illegality.
Definitions include: sketch + balls, i.e. "very sketchy".
Definitions include: to be suspicious.
Definitions include: "shitty".
Definitions include: of questionable character, strange.
Definitions include: to recline, as in a reclining chair.
Definitions include: to feel bad, not right or normal.
Definitions include: suspicious; "shady".

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: exclamation of anger, disgust, disbelief.
Definitions include: a person who speaks favorably about something they have a vested interest in, while pretending to be impartial.
Definitions include: very; really; extremely.
Definitions include: an angered glance.
Definitions include: A foolish person. A person who has done something foolish.
Definitions include: to have sexual intercourse with (usually female).
Definitions include: "moron".
Definitions include: to have a great time around town.
Definitions include: a person who will offend anyone regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, political leanings, etc. while claiming to not harbor any hatred towards those offended others.
Definitions include: Normally used as slang in describing the "near-felonious promiscuity" of a woman. As in where one could say that the tramp that gave him herpes, took more pricks daily than any seamstresses pin-cushion could in a week. Hence: "That bitch is such a Pin-cushion! I bet you anything she gave me strains of herpes that haven't even been discovered yet. I'm afraid to go to the doctor cause they'll probably name one of them after me and shit. Like I'm the fucking Christopher Columbus of STD'S or something."

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