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Definition of shoes


noun - plural

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Other terms relating to 'vehicles (related to)':

Definitions include: a person who must travel in the trunk of a car because there are no seats left.
Definitions include: to accelerate quickly in an automobile, such that the tires don't get traction with the ground and spin freely.
Definitions include: acronym for "piece of shit".
Definitions include: a parking spot very close to one's destination.
Definitions include: the passenger seat in a vehicle.
Definitions include: to sit in the passenger seat of a motor vehicle.
Definitions include: leaving, often quickly.
Definitions include: a $20 bag of marijuana.
Definitions include: any automobile.
Definitions include: of a motor vehicle with an internal combustion engine, to travel at a decent rate of speed and to have the engine making a nice sound.
Definitions include: a person who lives in a rural area.
Definitions include: a gentle nudge to an automobile, performed by another automobile.
Definitions include: heroin.
Definitions include: an automatic transmission.
Definitions include: to start a motor vehicle without keys.

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Definitions include: "catch me, fuck me" shoes.
Definitions include: an extremely well-behaved person.
Definitions include: in one's current situation.
Definitions include: to throwing a shoe at a person or people.
Definitions include: of a profession, involving "old fashioned" walking around.
Definitions include: to experience what another person experiences.

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